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    Players INGAME RULES

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    Players INGAME RULES Empty Players INGAME RULES

    Post by chatterboy Thu May 02, 2013 3:10 am

    Players INGAME RULES

    Be polite to other players

    Do not attack, flame, or harass other players in-game. If someone asks you to leave them alone, please do so. Continual harassment is grounds for jail time on this server. However, if someone is pestering you via PM, please use the /ex command.

    Do not bait other players into being mean to you for the sake of reporting them. You will be punished.

    Casual swearing is allowed in game, but please do not use swears to insult or ridicule others.

    Do not use derogatory slang. This includes racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks.

    Be respectful of other players, do not be disruptful at events and weddings.

    Do not drop mobs, crack dead branches, or otherwise hinder another players gameplay.

    PVP Policy:

    We understand that trash talk is a part of PVP and WoE, for this reason, we allow you to bait others and trash talk in PVP. However you must still follow the spirit of this policy - no racist, sexist or homophobic remarks will be tolerated.

    Do not spam.

    Do not use the chat function to spam. In most cases, game mechanics will silence you. However, if you are somehow getting around the game mechanics, you are still breaking the rules.

    While you are allowed to cast skills in town, please be mindful of the noise they make. Any excessive use of skills is subject to punishment.

    Do not Kill Steal (KS) from other players.

    If you see another player killing a monster, or a monster targeting a player, leave it alone.

    If you see a Creator cultivating mushrooms, leave those mushrooms alone. They are not yours!

    If you see a persons pet or homunculus killing a monster, leave it alone.

    Likewise, if your pet or homunculus attacks someone else's monster, you will be held responsible.

    Special Cases:

    If a person cracks a Dead Branch or a Bloody Branch, and the monster targets you, you may attack it. However, it is rude to intrude into another persons Dead Branch party.

    MVP's on this server may be attacked by anyone, at any time. However, you may not use buff skills, heals, warps, safety wall, land protector, or any other skill to secure the MVP for yourself, as this is considered harrassment. Let the player with the best DPS win!

    Do not loot.

    Do not pick up the drops of a monster that another person killed unless they have walked away from the loot.

    Generally, game mechanics decides who gets the drops, but if you block another player from retrieving their drops (with warps, ice wall, dead branch, mob drops), this is concidered the same as looting and you will be punished.

    If you accidentally loot from a player, and they ask for the items back, you must give them back.

    Do not use other programs to play the game for you (Botting, certain macros, and certain Homunculus AI)

    You may not use any program that plays the game for you.

    Do not AFK while your homunculus farms items or EXP for you.

    Do not use any programs that control your character for you. This means no auto feeders for homunculus. No programs that control mouse movement for your character.

    We realize that most high end gaming keyboards have a built in function for macroing keystrokes, and while you are allowed to use these functions, use your best judgement.

    The Game Masters reserve the right to decide what is, and is not acceptable use for macro functions.

    Please Follow the naming policy

    Do not create a Name that impersonate any GM or being a GM itself. This will be deleted instantly. Without prior notice.

    Players may not create names (This includes characters, pets, guild names, guild titles, party names, shops or chats) that:

    Incorporates rude, vulgar, hateful, derogatory, obscene, or racially, ethnically or other objectionable language.

    Are intended to impersonate any other players.

    Give advertising to other servers

    The Admin team reserves the right to rename anyone found to be breaking this naming policy, and you will not get to pick the name.

    Do not scam or try to trick other players.

    Do not use shady or illegitimate means to get another persons items or account information.

    While we may not be able to recover all scammed items, be assuered that anyone caught scamming will be subject to punishment.

    A staff member will never ask you for your e-mail or password. Anyone posing as a GM to get this information is subject to punishment.

    Special notes on scamming:

    Your account security is your own responsibility. We understand that people share accounts, however, if you admit to sharing your password with other people, there is not much we can do to help you reclaim your lost items.

    While buying/selling items for USD is not bannable, we claim zero accountability. We do not endorse it, we do not allow you to promote it, and if you are scammed, we will not help return items lost in this manner.

    Do not abuse bugs or try to hack the server in any way.

    If you find a bug in game, please report it right away.

    Exploiting a bug for personal gain, or using a bug to cause disruptive actions is punishable up to, and including a ban of all related accounts.

    Use of any programs to cause irregular behavior of the server is not allowed, and will get you banned. Do not do it.

    Listen to the Game Masters (GM's)

    If a GM asks you to stop doing something, please stop doing it.

    If a GM asks you a question, answer it. We generally have a reason for this (bot checking, making sure you are not AFK) and it is important that you do so.

    Do not pester a GM for items, zeny, or warps to special places.

    Do not impersonate a GM

    Anyone impersonating a GM, or any person who is not a GM, having GM in their name or guild title, will be subject to punishment.

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