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    Custom Item Lists v1


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    Custom Item Lists v1 Empty Custom Item Lists v1

    Post by memel Thu May 16, 2013 1:54 am

    Item ID
    Item Name
    30005Golden Dragon Helm[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]All Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30006ArchAngelCostume Middle Headgear
    30007Dark_AngelCostume Middle Headgear
    30008Argatlahm BandanaAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30009Blade of DragonAll Stats +2Costume Middle Headgear
    30010 Chonchon Poopoo HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30011Deviling NHAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30012Drooping Thanator DolorIncrease Magical Damage by 10% against Demi-HumanUpper Headgear
    30013Drooping BaphometHit -10, Splash AttackUpper Headgear
    30014Drooping EddgaMax Hp -25%. Enable effect of the Endure skill so long as the Headgear is equipped.Upper Headgear
    30015Drooping MayaChance to reflect magical damage by 20%Upper Headgear
    30016F GhostEnchant Armor with Ghost Property. HP recovery -25%Lower Headgear
    30017Fairy WingCostume Middle Headgear
    30018Frey HatIncrease Heal Power by 50%. Reduce SP consumption by 20%. Enchant Armor with Holy PropertyUpper Headgear
    30019Fruit Fashion HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30020Holy Marcher HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30021Hopping FilirAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30022Ice WingIncrease Resistance to water property attack by 15%. Reduce Casting Time of Cold Bolt by 25%. Inflict 25% more damage with Cold Bolt. 3% chance to autocast frost nova when hit.Middle Headgear
    30023No FearCostume Middle Headgear
    30024Poring Back PackLuk +4. Enable Level 10 Enlarge Weight LimitLower Headgear
    30025Red Dragon helmAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30026Reidinkurs HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30027Samurai HeadAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30028Simple Back PackLuk +4. Enable Level 10 Enlarge Weight LimitLower Headgear
    30029Squirting Poring HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30030Toad HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30031Turtle shell HatAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30032Twin BunniesAll Stats +2Upper Headgear
    30033Victory WingAll Stats +3. Upper Headgear
    30034Drooping Garm HatChance to freeze an enemy when being attacked or when attacking. Upper Headgear
    30035Black Butterfly WingAll Stats +2Middle Headgear
    30036Avalon_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30037Big_Angel_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30038Deviling_SackLuk +4. Enable Level 10 Enlarge Weight LimitLower Headgear
    30039Drooping_AmistrAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30040Elder_SpiritEnable Sight.All Stats +2. Lower Headgear
    30041Enchanted_HatIgnore MDEF. Reduce Casting Time by 30%Upper Headgear
    30042Pimp_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30043SkateboardCostume Middle Headgear
    30044Skeggiold_CapIncrease Magic Damage on Demi-human by 10%Upper Headgear
    30045autumnwingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30046avengerCostume Middle Headgear
    30047Aztecs_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30048Baal_HelmAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30049Baby_Cap_BlueAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30050babybellAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30051Badger_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30052Beautiful_Wings_Of_ButterflyMiddle Headgear
    30053beretredReduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster.Upper Headgear
    30054bfwantedCostume Middle Headgear
    30055bgAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30056Big_White_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30057Big_Angel_Wings_RedCostume Middle Headgear
    30058Big_Black_RibbonAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30059Big_Red_RibbonAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30060Black_Animated_Angel_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30061Black_AyamAll Stats +5. Upper Headgear
    30062Black_Baby_PacifierAll Stats +2. Lower Headgear
    30063Black_BagLuk +4. Enable Level 10 Enlarge Weight LimitLower Headgear
    30064Black_Baseball_CapAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30065Black_BeretReduce 10% damage taken from DemiHuman monster.Upper Headgear
    30066Black_Bloomy_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30067Black_Boys_CapAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30068Black_Butterfly_WingsAll Stats +3. Middle Headgear
    30069Black_Crow_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30070Black_DragonCostume Middle Headgear
    30071Black_KafraAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30072Black_Little_Angel_DollAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30073Black_Piamette_HairbandAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30074blade_wingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30075bloodwingsAdds 20% chance of absorbing 20% of the physical damage inflicted on an enemy by the wearer as HPMiddle Headgear
    30076BoardCostume Middle Headgear
    30077Bomb_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30078bone_wingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30079bonehelmAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30080Bunny_CapAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30081Brain_WigAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30082Bright_Blue_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30083Brown_Butterfly_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30084Bug_WingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30085Bunny_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30086bunnymaskAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30087camouflagehatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30088carmenAll Stats +5. Upper Headgear
    30089catninetailscapAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30090Chaotic_SwordEnable Level 5 Double AttackLower Headgear
    30091chii_hatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30092chocohatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30093Christmas_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30094christmastreehatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30095chungeAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30096Clown_WingsIncrease Damage of Arrow Vulcan by 20%Middle Headgear
    30097Condom_HatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30098cookieringAll Stats +2. Lower Headgear
    30099cowring_hatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30100cowringhatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30101crystal_wingsCostume Middle Headgear
    30102White_Wandering_Wolf_HatAll Stats +3. Upper Headgear
    30104Xcution_SamehadaEnchant weapon with water property. Enable a 50% chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted upon an enemy as SP with each attack. When dealing physical damage there is a chance that for 5 seconds, you will completely bypass enemy defense.Lower Headgear
    30105doghatAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30106dowryAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30107Dragon_Master_HelmAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30108Dragon_RiderAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30109dragonoffireIncrease resistance on Fire Property Attack by 15%. Chance to cast Sight Rasher when hit. Increase Damage and Reduce Casting Time of Firebolt by 25% Middle Headgear
    30110drooping_amistrAll Stats +2. Upper Headgear
    30111drooping_leaf_catIncrease resistance to water property attack by 15%Upper Headgear
    30112drooping_wild_roseAGI + 10
    [Thief Class]
    Perfect Dodge + 10Upper Headgear
    30113droopingbabyleopard[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]LUK + 12
    [Merchant Class]
    Make an armor indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).Upper Headgear

    NOTE: More description to be added.

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