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    Western Union Money Transfer Guide


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    Western Union Money Transfer Guide Empty Western Union Money Transfer Guide

    Post by Admin Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:24 pm

    Western Union Money Transfer Guide Img_wester

    * Western Union has several branches in the Philippines and all over the world.
    * Refer to their site for the nearest branch in your area.
    * This is an easy way of sending donations from the Philippines or even from abroad.
    * You must be 18 years old with a valid ID.
    * If less than 18 yrs of age, just bring someone along that is 18yrs old and has a valid ID.
    * No need for a credit card or any account, just bring the cash.1. For lists of Western Union branches nearest your location visit the link and do a location search in their website.

    2. Go to any WESTERN UNION branch and talk to the clerk in-charge. Just tell the clerk you want to send money by "money transfer" then you
    will be given a FORM to fill-up.

    3. Be sure you brought a VALID ID for proof of identification if ever asked. If less than 18 yrs of age, just bring someone along that is 18yrs old and
    has a valid ID. Put in your NAME, ADDRESS, AMOUNT and SEND the money to:

    Reciever's Name Marlet D. Ordoñez
    Reciever's Location Capas, Tarlac
    Relation to Reciever Friend

    4. Give the agent clerk your filled-up FORM and the CASH. The clerk will then stamp, validate and sign all forms and give you a computer printout
    receipt. Get it then go home. That simple!

    5. Your:
    WESTERN UNION PRINTOUT RECEIPT is your proof that you have sent money so don't lose it.
    Write your MAIN character name anywhere in it beforehand.
    Have your validated WESTERN UNION PRINTOUT scanned, or
    You may also take a picture of your WESTERN UNION PRINTOUT via webcam or mobile phone but be sure everything is readable.

    6. Send the scan/picture file to: via EMAIL. To be informed and verify your donation sent will be read during office hour.
    Sending through EMAIL is the faster and preferred method. Write these information as well in your EMAIL :

    Email Subject Western Union Donation
    Real Full Name of Sender in the receipt Juan Dela Cruz
    Your main character name ReZbaK
    Location on where you have made the Transfer :Caloocan, Metro Manila
    Amount Sent P200
    Date Sent 01/02/2013

    7. The processing of your donation will begin once the email or fax is received. Our verification with WESTERN UNION of your deposit/donation will normally take only a few minutes. We update this online and/or via phone call. Kindly give us some time for your free POD tickets to reach the NPC after quick verification and processing. WE PROCESS DONATIONS EVERYDAY AT 4PM ONWARDS.

    8. Once the deposit is already verified and processed, just click the 'Get POD Tickets Here' NPC in game at every main town and it will give out your free POD Tickets as promised.

    NOTE: For more inquiries please send email to

      Current date/time is Thu Jun 01, 2023 8:46 pm