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    Ranger (Farm Build)


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    Ranger (Farm Build) Empty Ranger (Farm Build)

    Post by memel on Fri May 31, 2013 3:02 pm

    Ok Guys, Here is my first build guide for you. This is for Farming of Low Drop Rate Items.

    Why Ranger? Because of the Auto Warg as we need the LUCK here the most.

    1. Stats
    If you have no Number One Breaker HG
    LUK 125, DEX 90, AGI 100, INT, 30, The rest is VIT.

    If you have Number One Breaker HG
    LUK 125, DEX 125, INT 50, The rest is VIT

    2. Buff/Foods
    All Buff/Passive Skills of Ranger are Important.
    For Foods:
    If you don't have NOB HG, Use foods/Buffs That Increase Attack Speed and LUK.
    Otherwise, Use anything that BOOST your LUCK.

    NOTE: Bubble Gum x2 and YGG is very important!

    3. Equips
    To be continued..

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