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    Genetic Guide

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    Post by chatterboy on Wed May 29, 2013 2:16 pm

    Before Anything else please read this,
    * Understand that this guide works for me, but not for everybody.
    * Understand that this is just a guide, feel free to change whatever it is that is suitable to you
    * If you have some corrections, comments, questions please post them nicely.

    -A Hero Genetic, Must be at least Rank C (Level 500)
    -Homunculus (This is a must.)
    -Fast mind and fingers.
    -Knowledge about BM(Battle Mode)
    -Must know the elemental table/properties for proper resisting certain skills.

    Some advantages of creator
    -Has a high HP
    -A homunculus
    -Mid-Range skill
    -Has good flee
    -Good at all PvP situations (1vs1 2vs2 etc)

    Disadvantages of a creator
    -Acid Demonstration can be countered easily by good players
    -A homunculus dies fast if the enemy uses thanatos card/ high wizard card
    -Wall of fog

    ~Equipments ~ Highlighted means main equipment.

    Headgear Top:Marshmallow Cap / Black Wind Milestone / Wind Milestone/ Condom Hat(Addax Card)
    Alternate 1: Black Kaho's Horn (Addax card)
    Alternate 2: Divine Helm (Addax Card)

    Headgear Mid: Any Delay Wings (Kiel D-01 Card)

    Headgear Bottom: Dark Chakra/Immune Fire Dragon (Orc Hero Card)
    Alternate 1:Candy Ring (Addax Card)
    Alternate 2: Night Ring (Orc Hero Card)

    Shield: Valkyrie Shield (Thara Frog Card)
    Alternate 1: Valkyrie Shield (Golden Thief Bug Card)
    Alternate 2: Orlean's Server (Maya Card) -

    Weapon: Grimtooth
    Alternate 1:Combat Knife
    Alternate 2:Fortune Sword
    Alternate 3:Naght Seiger Red [R] (3 Red Ferus)
    Alternate 4:Ice Falchion
    Alternate 5: Any refined Cris (4 Seal Card)

    Armor: +10 Valkyrie Armor (Tao Gunka)
    Alternate 1: Spiritual Tunic
    Alternate 2: Valkyrie Armor (Ghostring)
    Alternate 3: Valkyrie Armor (Draconus)
    Alternate 4: Freya's Clothes
    Alternate 5: Brynhildr

    Garment: Aesprika
    Alternate 1: Proxy Skin Fragment /Elite Aesprika / Glorified Muffler (Deviling Card)
    Alternate 2:Elite Aesprika (Assassin Cross Card)
    Alternate 3:Elite Aesprika (If you don't have an extra use a proxy skin fragment) (Whisper Card)

    Shoes: Sleipnir of the Gods (Amon Ra Card)
    Alternate 1:Sleipnir of the Gods (Fallen Bishop Hibram Card)
    Alternate 2:Sleipnir of the Gods (Green Ferus Card)

    Accessories: Intelligence Megingjards
    Alternate 1:Expert Rings[5 of it] (2 Alligator, Poporing, Horong and Errende Ebecee Card, Marine Sphere)
    Alternate 2:Ring of Flame Lord

    On a side note, you can also use Candy Ring+2 Expert rings. It's quite good for tanking.

    Highlighted gears are the main equipment.

    Stats of a creator.
    Strength- 120
    Agility- x (But make sure you have 195 aspd, lol.)
    Vitality-120 flat.
    Dexterity: 120 (Prevents quagmire)
    Luck: x

    The stats are also dependant on items, Especially agility and luck. Why? If you don't want a flee creator and prefers a perfect dodge [PD] creator you can lower the agility points and trade it all in to luck.
    Never forget to balance your defense. It's not that bad to use +10 Armors/Headgears, just aim for balanced def ( 0+120 ) is good enough.

    Some tips:

    - At the moment, Demonic Fire and Fire Expansion level 2 is strong enough to help you kill players. Thorn trap then use Demonic Fire+Fire Expansion. Never forget to to use Homunculus too. Get a Homun with 15k average matk,

    That's all LOOOL.

    Some important items needed:
    -Box of sunlight
    -Box of Thunder
    -Undead Elemental Scrolls
    -Holy Elemental Scrolls
    -Dragon Breath Cocktail (not that needed though)
    -Blue Potions
    -Panaceas /Royal Jellies
    -Acid bottle
    -Bottle grenade
    -Ghostring scrolls (Not that needed aswell but would be good if you have one)
    -Elemental Potions (Fire,Earth,Water and Wind)

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