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    Runes Crafts

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    Runes Crafts Empty Runes Crafts

    Post by chatterboy on Tue May 28, 2013 4:21 am

    Welcome to Runes 101
    Hello reader!

    I'll make this quick and simple. As a Rune Knight, we are given the privilege to learn Rune Mastery.

    Rune Mastery is a Passive Skill. Runes can be used by simply by clicking your desired Rune just like any foods and according to our definition:

    Rune Mastery gives Rune Knights an understanding to the use and creation of runes. With this skill rune knights can craft runes, and higher levels influence the success rate.
    There are 9 different types of runes, and the higher level ones require higher level rune mastery to craft.
    To craft a rune, you need at least one rune ore in your inventory. The better the type of ore you use, the higher chance you have of success.

    What are those?

    Level Description
    1 Create Thurisaz
    2 Create Isa
    3 Create Wyrd
    4 Create Hagalaz
    5 Create Othila
    6 Create Uruz
    7 Create Raido
    8 Create Nauthiz
    9 Create Berkana

    All of these Runes can be bought from our Skill Catalysts at MOA and to other towns as well. As for MoA, it is located near Warp NPC.

    What's the importance of these runes? We'll see so please bear with me. If possible, after the Rune's description i will give an explanation RO-no1.gif

    1. Thurisaz Rune- STR + 30 for 4 minutes.
    Adds a chance 3 times damage with your blow when dealing non skill short range physical damage.

    - "Giant Growth". Very simple! STR + 30 for 4 minutes. This costs 5m RO-3dots.gif. This hurts yer pocket but believe me it'll give you a bang of respect when you defeat yer opponent RO-gg.gif

    2. Isa Rune - Increases 1.5 times HP recovery from potion for 1 minute.
    Your natural SP recovery is stopped and SP recovery from potion is reduced by 50%.

    - Known as "Vitality Activation" for a minute. Gives you more HP recovery when using pots like Mastela/Slims/Cero. Useful for Dueler RKs with Cero rule. Costs 10k only.

    3. Wyrd Rune - Strike all targets in a 7x7 area around yourself for physical damage, and knock them away from yourself.

    - "Storm Blast". Same effect of Magnum Break but with a wider range. Your RK's INT affects this rune. Costs 20k. Very affordable.

    4. Hagalaz Rune - For 3 minutes, your skin is hardened and you gain a chance to break the weapons of targets that strike you.
    When you cast this skill it will consume 25% of your HP, and this value will become the endurance of the skill.
    When this value reaches zero, the skill ends. When the effect is used against a monster, they will receive ATK -25% for 10 seconds.
    The effect does not work on boss monsters.

    - This is one of my fave. Known as "Stonehard Skin". When attacked by opponent, there is a high probability to break their weapon (long as it is destructible). Good for Physical Type opponents. Downfall? Consumes 25% of your HP but don't worry you can heal right after using it RO-heh.gif. Costs 1m.

    5. Othilia Rune - Increases ATK youself and your party members for 3 minutes.
    When used, you gain an amount of attack power equal to 7 times the number of players in your party,
    and each of your party members receives 1/4 of the total bonus.

    - "Fighting Spirit!" . this makes life of a Rune Knight easy RO-no1.gif Adds ATK and depending on your party mate. The higher the ATK of YOUR and THEIR weapon would be much better.

    Adds also an increased attackspeed even if you do not have other mates in your party. My RK's attackspeed is only 178 with zero agi but with the help of Othilia Rune, it can boost your attackspeed for up to 190 RO-omg.gif. more saved stats RO-gg.gif
    Costs 5m each rune. Sooooooolit! RO-heh.gif

    6. Uruz Rune - Recover 60 SP every 10 seconds for 3 minutes.

    - "Abundance" Do I have to explain for this? th_piss.gif

    7. Raido Rune - You use the entire power of a weapon to strike a target with full force. When used, it will break your weapon.

    - Known as the "Crush Strike". Aside from Bowling Bash, Spiral Pierce, and Dragon Breath that we use, this hurts the most. 'tis like the Extremity Fist version of Rune Knights RO-omg.gif It can deal 100k damage with an overupped weapon. Best choice weapon for this would be Glorious Cleaver. RO-no1.gif

    8. Nauthiz Rune - When used, automatically cured of all debuffs and recover 25% of max HP. Then, for the next 10 seconds you will be immune to all debuff and status ailments. There are two exceptions,you can still be inflicted with Stun, Freezing status.

    - The "Refresh" rune. This rune is of great help indeed to us. Can cure abnormal statuses. E.g You've been stripped by a Shadow Chaser, or removed weapon by Earth Strain? Use this rune then you'll be able to equip again your weapon or armor.

    9. Berkana Rune - Summons randomly 2-4 magic shields. These shields can absorb physical and magical attacks and have 1000HP each.
    Millennium Shields can block hits regardless of their remaining HP.

    - The "Millenium Shield". Same effect as Lord Knight's Parry skill. However this rune has a downfall for me RO-3dots.gif it has delays and can summon only 2-4 shields RO-omg.gif. Costs 50k. Blocks all kind of skill.

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