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    PSBank Money transfer guide...


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    PSBank Money transfer guide... Empty PSBank Money transfer guide...

    Post by Admin on Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:56 pm

    PSBank Money transfer guide... Psbank-cagayan-de-oro

    * PSBank donations does NOT need that you have a bank account.
    * No age requirements to enter banks
    * Minimal charge of 50Php on provincial deposits.
    * Bank Hours: 9am-3pm daiy except on weekends & holidays. (Or visit the nearest PSBank Branch to know time open)

    1. Go to any PSBank Branch and ask the guard where the deposit slips are located. Fill up a DEPOSIT SLIP usually found at the waiting area.

    2. Write these important details ont he DEPOSIT SLIP on where to DEPOSIT/SEND the money then sign at the bottom:

    Account Name Marlet D. Ordoñez
    Account Number169-101-00119-1
    BranchCapas, Tarlac branch

    3. Give the filled-up DEPOSIT SLIP and the CASH to the teller/counter and say you will "deposit". If you dont know what to do ask for
    assistance to the customer assistance. Your deposit slip will then be validated, stamped and will be given back to you. Get it then go home.
    That simple!

    4. Your validated DEPOSIT SLIP is your proof that you have sent/deposited money so don't lose it. Have your validated DEPOSIT SLIP scanned,
    write your MAIN character name anywhere in your DEPOSIT SLIP beforehand. You may also just take a picture of your DEPOSIT SLIP via webcam
    or mobile phone but be sure bank validations are readable.

    5. Send the scan/picture file to via EMAIL. Sending through EMAIL is the faster and preferred method. Write these information
    as well in your EMAIL :

    Email Subject PSBank Donation
    Senders Full Name (Real Name) Juan Dela Cruz
    Your main Character Name ReZbaK
    Amount of your Donate P200
    Date Sent 01/02/2013

    6. The processing of your donation will begin once the email is received. Our checking and verification with the bank of your
    deposit/donation will normally take only a few minutes. We update bank deposits online and/or via phone call. Kindly give us some time for
    your free POD tickets to reach the NPC after quick verification and processing. WE PROCESS DONATIONS EVERYDAY AT 4PM

    7. Once the deposit is already verified and processed, just click the 'Get POD Tickets Here' NPC in game at every main town and it will give out
    your free POD Tickets as promised.

    NOTE: For more inquiries please send email to

      Current date/time is Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:09 am